Well you have probably already loaded up the sim and said,
"Uh, hello! How come I can't do anything." 
That deserves a pretty straight forward answer.
"It's not done yet. (Surprise!)" 

You probably were not really surprised, since this is the state of many open source projects. I'm not kidding go ahead look around in Sourceforge. There are tons of projects that are in various states of (dare I say) completion. Some projects have not been touched in many months. Just waiting for someone with some talent, or sometimes just the time to pick up the ball and run with it. Others are well on there way to a polished state. This project like many falls somewhere in between. It was started, like many others, because I looked around and said,

"Hey, do we really need another Tetris clone?"

I think the answer is a screaming NO! Now I like Tetris just like the next guy, Well.. actually I don't. But I'm sure you do, and that's fine. I decided to try to fill a niche. If you look around the Linux software landscape you will see very little in the way of naval combat Sims. Windows on the other hand is just Oozing with them. So in short, I decided to contribute where I felt a contribution was (and is) needed. I may not be the best coder (Need proof? Look at the code.), and I'm sure as hell not the best graphics designer. And I may not have all the time in the world to hack around. But I will do my best to at least bring this project to a functioning state. It may take a real long time 'cause there are just so many details to work out but I'll get there.